Because it is the central part of the face and responsible for facial harmony, it is crucial that the medical doctor analyze exactly what your case is.


Bioplasty can define new contours and recover the “M” shape of the double curve in the upper lip so that they look fleshier and more sensual.


Differing from women, who present more delicate malar features, the “wilder” and “rougher” men’s lines are, the more male they look.

Chin Projection and Contour

Essential for facial harmony, for both men and women, it must always be in balance with the nose. From profile, if it is in the ideal proportions together with other facial areas, it will give the face more harmony and charm.

Zygomatic Area

A well-defined zygomatic area is one of the most striking facial features. It is so outstanding that it has been named the “top model look”.


Bioplasty increases the volume of the tissues, disguising veins and tendons, and bringing a more youthful appearance to the hands.


A young and well-formed jaw creates a defined face separated from the neck by the sight of its well-designed lines, achieving outstanding characteristics of beauty.

Mouth Corners

Bioplasty can restructure and create support in this area to restore a more balanced visage with better mouth and lip contours in order to soften the expression lines the years over time have left behind.


Since remote times, the size of the penis has always been related, in the imaginary male world, to strength, power, reproductive capacity, and sexual pleasure offer.

Gluteus Augmentation

The buttocks are a focus of sexuality, a symbol of femininity in the Brazilian beauty standards.


In a female body, this area is roundish and, together with the shoulders and breasts, highlights the waist to create the “hourglass-shaped” body or the “guitar-shaped” look.


Bioplasty performed in the thighs and calves increases the volume in a very natural way—by sight or touch—shaping the patient’s own muscles as if it were the result of exercise workout.


The purpose of the Bioplasty in the calves is to increase the size and shape of the gastrocnemii (the large posterior muscles which form the lower leg back bulge visible beneath the skin) in order to obtain natural curves as if by gym exercises.

Six-Pack Abs

Bioplasty is a good alternative: men and women have been benefited with the well-shaped and designed “mounds” developed according to one’s muscular abdominal structure.


Chest Bioplasty helps recover volume and aesthetic symmetry lost through aging and also helps those who have unproportioned chest compared to the rest of the body or those who cannot—or do not want to—enlarge their muscle size through bodybuilding.


In patients in whom the muscles of the shoulders and arms are poorly developed, flaccid or asymmetrical, it is possible to augment the deltoids, biceps, triceps and any other muscle for which it is indicated without the presence of the biomaterial being noticed.

Nasojugal Groove

By softening the folds in this area, Bioplasty has been offering patients excellent results making them look younger and healthier.

Female Intimate Bioplasty

Female Bioplasty procedures (vulvar plastic surgery) began with the sexual revolution and women’s greater freedom in relation to their bodies. Bioplasty also provides its contribution in this matter.

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