A Bioplastia


Bioplasty is the non-surgical plastic procedure, performed with the implantation of injectable biomaterials applied into deep anatomical planes, through a minimally invasive method, using microcannulas in retroinjection. In simpler language, Bioplasty is the implantation of substances compatible with the human body to increase volume and modify lines, angles and shapes in the face, body, lower and upper limbs and the gluteal region.



The implant of biomaterial is performed without cuts, through an orifice made ​​with the tip of a needle where a blunt-tipped microcannula is inserted which, when inserted in the skin, by deviation, does not injure vessels, nerves nor noble tissues, thus making this procedure safe and virtually painless, without hematomas or ecchymosis (purple bruises), with little edema (swelling) and almost no bleeding.

The chosen and indicated biomaterial must be deeply implanted (into the muscles or below them) in order to gain volume in a natural way, without showing the presence of the biomaterial on the surface not even by the touch. When the defect or depression is too shallow, we may apply the implant into the subcutaneous level, but at a lower concentration.



Bioplasty may be performed in any tissue in the body to reconstruct, restore or embellish the face, body, arms and legs, and buttocks. Moreover, it has been successfully used by otolaryngologists to correct vocal cord paralysis, and by urologists in the correction of vesicoureteral reflux and urinary incontinence.

A Bioplastia pode ser utilizada em qualquer tecido do corpo humano para corrigir, recuperar ou embelezar (deixei este texto em português para fazer o link com o que vem a seguir):


Classical beauty is the perennial beauty, eternal, universal, which is independent of standards or fashion trends. It is a pattern of ancient beauty that is etched in the collective unconscious and is easily recognizable. But even when we see a classical beautiful face, we do not always know why it is beautiful, despite recognizing that it is so! Where does this kind of beauty come from? What defines it? Which facial signals should be highlighted in order to show this perennial beauty?

Deep studies on common facial features of beautiful people revealed that the lines that give harmony and beauty to the face are the following:

  • More prominent malar area to illuminate the face;
  • Defined jaw line to boost beauty;
  • Mild depression in the cheek (“blush effect”) to enhance charm;
  • Correct proportion between nose and chin to give balance to the profile.

And, in fact, those lines are nothing else but strategically placed volumes which provide movement and a combination of light and shade to the face, thus reflecting that beauty concept.

Excerpts taken from article published in Classic Life Journal, Issue No. 16, 2009, p. 14.


Are you in a hurry to show a lifted butt, “gym-toned” arms and legs, abundant hips and well developed six-pack abs? Bioplasty solves that!

Improving the body contour is an increasingly frequent request of aesthetic surgery patients. The search for non-surgical therapies has increased considerably, since many patients are reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure and the morbidities inherent to this therapeutic option. Most of these patients only wish for a small aesthetic improvement, with a minimum period of recovery, and for this reason, the use of minimally invasive methods has become increasingly significant in plastic surgery. Welcome to the world of Bioplasty!


Bioplasty is performed under local anesthesia, the same used by dentists, and uses microcannulas which do not cut like needles, making the procedure practically painless.


After undergoing medical evaluation, anyone seeking rejuvenation, beautification or correction.


Yes. It is a technique that can be done with other surgical procedures or not, but your doctor is the one who will determine regarding this combination.


No. Bioplasty is an outpatient procedure that, in most cases, at the end, patients may go home or carry on their normal activities.


There are on the market today a considerable number of facial or body soft tissue fillers as well as different brands, aesthetic purposes, result lifespan, but we have never used hydrogel.


  1. Patient will enjoy a free diet.
  2. Patient is not to drive for 24 hours after having the procedure done.
  3. Patient is to contact us whenever a hardening and/or complication arise(s).
  4. On the following day, patient will have a different sensation, with the perception of the implants and the edema (swelling) caused by Bioplasty, which may cause some discomfort depending on his or her position and movement. Severe pain is unusual during the recovery period. However, in some cases, it may happen and it is easily treatable with common painkillers.
  5. Patient is to avoid going both sea swimming and sunbathing for one week, and, in case of ecchymosis (black-and-blue spots on the skin), patient is to wear sunscreen in order to prevent tissue micropigmentation. Sunlight or fluorescent lights can be harmful in the period right after the procedure.
  6. There may be some changes in the skin pigmentation through the emergence of spots or discoloration in the treated area: they may stay for some days, weeks, and less frequently for months, and rarely for good.
  7. Due to trauma caused by the procedure, swelling in the treated areas may last for weeks, less frequently for months, and rarely permanently. In any case, the most common is that a hardening sensation is felt for about two weeks; after that, there will be gradual improvement. Small irregularities under the skin are also considered normal in the first months, which will be overcome as time goes by.
  8. In the post-Bioplasty period, there might be pain or itching (burning sensation) to a greater or lesser extent and for a variable period of time.
  9. There is a possibility that, after the procedure, resting at home, light bleeding occurs. If it does, patient is to contact us.
  10. Occasionally there may be emotional behavioral disorders, generally shown as anxiety, depression or other more complex psychological states. It is certain that smoking, toxic substances, drugs and alcohol are factors that occasionally do not prevent procedures from being done but they may cause complications.
  11. For about a month, patient is to avoid any smash or traumatism on the treated areas, sudden movements while driving, weightlifting, etc. Everyday activities should be resumed gradually.
  12. The final result of Bioplasty depends on the quantity of collagen produced by one’s body. That being said, the quantity of product applied is previously estimated and agreed with the patient, which means reapplication will probably be necessary. So, before leaving, patient is to schedule a new day and time for reapplication.
  13. When there is a big difference in volume prior to implants, different quantities on each side of the body may be required in order to reach a better symmetry. In all post-Bioplasty procedures, variables are considered normal, mainly when there was a previous asymmetry.
  14. Patient is not to practice any physical exercise, for 3 three weeks after the procedure. After that, he or she may take up exercise gradually.
  15. Facial Procedures
    Specifically, for these cases, patient is to:
    • Sleep with his or her head elevated a few inches to accelerate drainage until the edema is absorbed.
    • During the first 24 hours, alternatively and for some moments only in order to avoid skin burn, keep ice bandages—and change them often—on the applied areas.
  16. Lip Enhancement
    Due to muscle contraction around the lips, for three days after the procedure, patient is to avoid drinking with a straw or smoking.
  17. Bioplasty in the Lower Limbs (Legs and Thighs)
    Patient is to:
    • While sleeping, elevate the legs above head level until edema is over;
    • In the morning, before getting up—when legs are still unswollen—put on moderate compression pantyhose (or for male patients, if it was a calf procedure, knee-high compression stockings). If patient takes a shower first thing in the morning, he or she is to put them on after having elevated the legs for 10min.
    • Wear them only during the day and continue doing so as long as they are comfortable;
    • During the day, whenever possible, keep legs elevated.
  18. Bioplasty in the Upper Limbs (Hands and Arms)
    Patient is to:
    • Keep upper limbs elevated whenever possible until edema is gone;
    • If procedure was done on the hands, wear the gloves (furnished by the Clinic) for 24hrs-48hrs after the procedure. After that, he or she is to continue wearing them only at home until the edema is absorbed.
  19. Gluteoplasty
    Patient is to:
    • Use a comfortable cushion while sitting down;
    • If possible, while walking, wear high heels in order to relax the gluteal muscles.
  20. Genital Procedures (Male or Female)
    Patient is to avoid sexual intercourse for a week after the procedure.
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